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Check Reggae in Japan to find about how much we love reggae! Japanese and foreign sites are collected.

There are so many reggae homepages in Japan, but not so many about Jamaica. This is where I come in. My website is a Japanese portal to Jamaica. Sites are collected from a unique perspective, such as info on national costume photos, wallpapers, Japanese living in Jamaica etc.

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Home/Webcam, webcamera sites in Jamaica.
Diary/Jamaica news
Sitemap are available here.
Link Link sites both in Japanese and English about history, politics, industries, international organizations etc., plus sites run by Japanese living in Jamaica and JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) employees
Reggae sites on reggae run by Japanese living in Jamaica, radio and TV net broadcasting sites, plus video clip and music sites mainly from Jamaica.
Wallpaper/Screensaver and screensaver sites
Sean Paul:Wallpaper/Screensaver Paul : Wallpaper and screensaver sites
News sites in and about Jamaica: net radio, headline news sites, Jamaica news sites and Caribbean News Sites
Shop shopping sites run by Japanese living in Jamaica and sites in Jamaica, some in the U.S. and galleries
map map sites
National Costume Photos costume photo sites
Goverment official names of ministries and ministers
Life Living in Jamaica and school enrollment information by Human Development Report 2005, how to make a cheap international call, how to open a bank account in Jamaica
Weather and hurricane information
Demonstration 2005 about protests on September 7, placard contents picked up from the pictures in Go-Jamaica ;PROTESTS ERUPT IN JAMAICA(not available now)
Travel Travel to Jamaica informational sites, a graph of the number of the Japanese tourists to Jamaica, airplane seats, when to visit Jamaica, tour information by Japanese living in Jamaica, schools and learning programs in Jamaica
Event information except reggae
Is Jamaica safe? are getting attention, Japanese are called Miss/ Mr. Chin, safety information sites, crime information with graphs( data by Jamaica Constabulary Force), Japanese women are targeted
Is Jamaica safe? Marijuana list of Japanese arrested trying to smuggle marijuana, marijuana photo sites
Jamaican dollars/money exchange/credit card dollars, money exchange; a graph of exchange rates in the past 30 years, where to exchange Japanese yen to Jamaican dollars, credit card information, the cheapest / to use a citi bank service
Negril information, transportation(by air, by bus, by minibus, by taxi,), how to get around, where to stay, what to do, night life, diving
Buying souvenirs in Negril for US dollars, where to shop in Negril, my favorite souvenirs
Reggae Marathon marathon fact sheet translated into Japanese with a permisssion from its organizer
Movie Movies shot in Jamaica of movies shot in Jamaica.
Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database.
Cool Runnings about the movie and the actors.
Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database.
Homepage Link information, sites used to establish my home page
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Kingston Montego Bay Negril by

Reggae in Japan

Are you looking for information on reggae music in Japan?
Here are some of the sites you might be interested in. forum - Questions - How popuar is Reggae music in Japan ?
Foreigners mainly write in.
If you are planning a trip to Japan, this is the place for you. Japan Travel and Living Guide
If you are looking for Japanese e-mail friends, go to Friends
Reggae LifeInfomational site on reggae run by a Japanese, English.
Hir@gana Times : Japan-Behind the ScenesReggae Dance - A Heroine Supporting the Boom from Behind the Scenes
Reggae dance is super popular in Japan. The writer of this article is running a website on regggae dancers. Her website, ONEANDG REGGAE STYLE
, is Japanese, but full of pictures, lots of links to other dancer sites.
Hir@gana Times Friends Finding, Travel and Living in Japan

Publishing of Online Magazine,"Riddim", with info on Jamaican music, Reggae, Japanese Reggae, Ska and Hiphop. Management of Japanese Reggae Artists sich as PUSHIM, MOOMIN, H-MAN etc.

Lots of Links. If you are interested in Japanese Reggae artists, visit here. Japanese


Free Dancehall Magazine.
One of the best reggae magazine in Japan. It provides the information of the international / domestic reggae music & culture. It's published four issues a year. You can get one at over 300 spots in Japan.

Lots of Links. Check Japanese Reggae Sites!! Japanese

HMV JAPAN English version is available. The largest music site on the web. To know what's popular in reggae scene in Japan, go to WORLD MUSIC > REGGAE


Links are sorted. Easier to find reggae sites in Japan.
Lots of Reggae Event pictures. Japanese
Search and Destroy: Japanese Reggae in General
Hmmm... Yes, we love REGGAE!!!
The world's best English language resource on Japanese music

Search reggae or jamaica, or whatever, you will get what you want.
Reggae Snow Splash
Snowboard by day, Reggae music at night English

Reggae Snowsplash to make waves in Hakuba by MSN-Mainichi Daily News

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